since 1961 we do more than just bathroom accessories.


Since its foundation, POMBO has always perceived and promoted, with its products, design as an essential competitiveness element. Competitiveness nowadays, in a global scale, is supported by different attitudes towards the diverse markets. Today, design is a new industrial culture component, deeply connected to the technological and economic development of both society and regions, contributing to the construction of a new social conduct considering innovation.

It promotes value, gives meaning, transmits emotion and aims to share with the world the added value of a piece made with love, positioned in a segment opposed to what is mass produced, living in a niche market where each piece has a history, many hours of our dedication and the savoir-faire of each of POMBO's collaborators.

When someone buys a POMBO creation, a bit of us is taken and the basis of our dreams is lerant, the result of daily work carried out with passionce also takes a bit of us and our dreams, takes more the result of daily work carried out with passion is gathered and surely more than a simple bathroom accessory is purchased.